Sydney's Best Small Bars


The Top 10 Small Bars in Sydney
When it comes to small bars, people are now spoilt for choice - but that doesn't make it any easier to pick a venue for the evening. This top 10 will guide you through the best small bar experiences Sydney has on offer. There are no restrictions: the small bars can be cocktails bars, wine bars or just a friendly place to grab a drink. Updated January 2016.
The top 10 small bars in Sydney

Where to have Tinder dates in Sydney
You've both swiped right and the banter has been good, so you've decided to meet your Tinder date in real life. Picking the right venue can smooth the nervous process of meeting your Tinder date for the first time. That's why we have listed the top small bars for your date, and included some extra tips.
Where to have Tinder dates in Sydney

New Small Bars in Sydney
Last updated November 2016

Trying to stay ahead of the crowds? Why not drop into one of the latest small bars to open their doors:

  • Big Poppa's
    Food, darkness, hip-hop. They are the first things that will enter you mind as you head into this late night venue. 7/10.
    Opened: June 2016

  • The Oxford Circus
    The first bar on this site to be given 10/10. Find out why...
    Opened: April 2016

  • Butter
    Shoes, chicken and slushies - possibly the strangest combination for a Sydney small bar yet: 6/10
    Opened: February 2016

  • Della Hyde
    There is no going past the fact this place has an intimate, low-key feel with the bonus of attentive staff and a good selection of food and cocktail options: 8/10
    Opened: November 2015

    Sydney Pub Crawls
    What better way to explore small bars than a pub crawl. These two routes are particularly easy as they are flat, well connected to transport and can be easily modified. The pub crawls include closing times, reviews, and interactive Google maps showing the routes and bars.
    Redfern pub crawl Sydney pub crawl (CBD)

    Sydney now has a flourishing small bar scene, and here's how to find the best ones. Each review will show you the best Sydney small bars for dates, drinks with friends, after-work catch-ups or even a quiet spot to read a book. Finding a particular small bar can add to its mystique and unlike the large beer barns that once dominated the drinking landscape, each of Sydney's small bars has a distinct personality of its own. You can settle at one of the bars for the night or happily stroll for a few minutes between your favourites. If you'd like to see a review of your favourite or latest on the small bar scene, drop us an email via the contact page.