Sydney's Best Small Bars


Best Small Bars - Wider Sydney
It's not all about the Sydney CBD, Inner East and Newtown. Small Bars have sprouted further afield. Here are some areas that may be a change of pace or closer to home.

An area originally owned by the Anglican Church, Glebe has it's own long history from seedy to its latest status as an urban village, minutes from the city. It has long consisted of cafes and restaurants, but now small bars are appearing to add to the area's mix.

You can spend weeks in Balmain and Rozelle and still not have enough time to visit all the pubs and bars tucked in its back streets. Now there are even more ways to grab a drink with the slow but steady appearance of new small bars.

Bondi has long been famous for a number of reasons and the collection of small bars springing up here is giving people even more reasons to never leave this the bustling beach suburb. So dust the sand off and find your favourite of the these top small bars in Bondi.

Northern Sydney
For a long time, the suburbs north of Sydney had very limited choices for a quiet place to have a drink. Finally, small bars are slowly making their appearance in northern Sydney. If you are on the north side of the bridge, a visit to a small bar is now much easier.

Manly is slowing transforming its reputation from beer, brawling and backpackers to a more relaxed and sophisticated beach suburb. With the recent addition of several small bars, it's perfect area for an evening drink in summer or to bar hop when winter rolls around.