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Surry Hills-Darlinghurst
The Wanderer
501 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills

The Wanderer Bar, Surry Hills

While many small bars go for a theme, itís good to a see a small bar that is simply a bar that is small. And thatís the nice thing about The Wanderer, as other venues use gimmicks or expensive fit-outs, the venue is uncomplicated. Small, narrow and busy, this is the place to grab an easy drink. With simple cocktails ($16) that skip the lengthy performances usually seen elsewhere, the bar service is fast. Welcomed options on the menu feature a reasonable red or white by the glass for just $6.50, with most hovering in the $7-9 range. Beers range from $7 and feature bottled, tap and various craft beers. Likewise cider. Food is available with fish tacos (three for $20) and chicken wings ($16) the star performers.

In brief: The Wanderer
Best things: A small local bar that feels small, local and friendly.
Ideal for: Small groups, catch-ups with friends.
Date tip: Itís a little busy on Fridays and Saturdays for a date and the furniture generally is not date-friendly. Try to grab one of the few smaller tables.
Gripes: It can be a little crowded around the entrance and evening peak hour can kill the ambience.
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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