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best wine bars
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top 10 small bars
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The Moose
530 King St, Newtown

The Moose Bar, Newtown

In the far flung reaches of Newtown where it almost becomes St Peters, two small bars have appeared from the limelight: The Moose, and across the road, Bench. The Moose is one of those typical small bars appearing in Sydney. It occupies a small shop, seats about 30 people (not all comfortably) and on most nights you are likely to see or talk to the owner. The atmosphere is cosy and there is a light buzz running through the place.

The non-cocktail options are fairly limited to a handful of beers including the ubiquitous Coopers Pale Ale at $6.50. Wine lovers fare a little better with around 15 wines by-the-glass in the $8-10 range. Cocktails dominate here with an intelligent list sorted by spirit so you can embrace your favourite or avoid the ones that bring back past drinking experiences.

Food at the Moose is limited by the preparation area but the big upside is that food can be ordered next door at Matees Turkish Grill and simply tell them where youíre sitting, and it will be delivered when itís ready. This is something more small bars should be doing.

The downside of The Moose is the back area. Three high tables and one small table have been packed into a small space that also has to allow access to the toilets nearby. The doors on the toilets are concertinaed, which means they are often left open and in full view of anyone sitting nearby (plus you get the occasionally aroma too).

In brief: The Moose
Best things: A good local place, if youíre a local. Having access to food next door at Matees outside of kitchen hours.
Ideal for: Small groups, catch-ups with friends
Date tip: Seats near the front, on the right as you walk in. Do not sit down the back Ė see below.
Gripe: Seating down the back is cramped and nobody wants to be eating or drinking with a toilet bowl facing them.
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: June 2014
You are here: The Moose Bar, Newtown review and address. The Moose is one of those typical small bars appearing in Sydney: It occupies a small shopfront, seats about 30 people