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Sydney CBD
The Lobo Plantation
Basement Level, 209 Clarence Street, Sydney

The Lobo Plantation Sydney CBD

As you head down to the basement level of Lobo Plantation, the last thing you expect to see is a green leafy environment. Granted, they may not all be real but this small bar specialising in rum is a welcome relief to the speakeasy style bars that have begun to dot the drinking scene. The soft couches and furnishings ensure that you’ll be comfortable for the night as you work your way through the 150 odd rums on offer. If all you’ve ever tasted is Bacardi or Bundy and coke, now is the time to explore the spirit that has been overlooked for so long.

The staff are all too happy to help you out with an aged rum or something silky smooth. Afterwards, move on to the cocktails (around $17). The Stout & Sweet and Plan-ting feature the interesting bitter flavours of Campari and grapefruit lemonade. If GnT’s are one of your regular treats, these will take you to a new level. On the other hand, if you are over-responsive to bitter flavours (also called PTC sensitivity), you may want to look at something else such as the Communist Sour, a wonderfully tart drink featuring Havana, Aperol and lemon (ask for it not too sweet). A stand out drink is the Billionaire Cocktail, which comes with a small fruit roll tied to the stem of the glass.

Despite Lobo Plantation having a dominate rum-theme, you can also choose from a reasonable selection of wines, including sparkling by the glass, or you can settle for a good old beer. And If all that rum if making you a bit peckish, grab a bowl of the free plantins, or splurge a little on the tamales, paselitos or pork crackling.

In brief: The Lobo Plantation
Best things: Buzzing atmosphere that is also relaxing
Don't miss: Trying a quality aged rum on the rocks. Keep a look out for details such as the illustrated menu, antique cigar holders and we’ll let you discover the toilets in your own time.
Ideal for: Catch-ups with friends, after work drinks, dates.
Date tip: Go on a weekday evening as the place is packed on weekends. There are plenty of couches around, but try to avoid the tables with chairs on opposite sides: unless you are looking to fill a position, rather than getting into one.
Gripes: The credit card surcharge fee. If you are paying $70 for a round of cocktails, trying to squeeze out another 70 cents from the transaction just leaves a bad taste of the whole experiene. If you find the practice of adding credit card surcharges at an expensive bars is ridiculous, don't leave and a tip and tell the staff it is because of the surcharge.
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: The Lobo Plantation Sydney CBD review and address. If your rum experiences are limited to Bacardi or Bundy and coke, now is the time to explore the spirit that has been overlooked for so long