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Speakeasy Bar
83 Curlewis Street, Bondi

Speakeasy Bar, Bondi Beach

Vying for the award of the smallest of Sydneyís small bars, Speakeasy occupies a lone shop front room decorated in bordello-styled velvet themes, dark walls and dim lighting. Itís comfortable and not showy, so donít expect cocktails on the menu: wines dominate, with a smattering of spirits and liqueurs. Most hover around $10-12 a pop, depending on your selection. The food is detailed and well priced at around $15 for mains but an unusually expensive cheese plate with three varieties coming in at $25. One of the most novel things for a small bar is that Speakeasy also serves decent breakfasts and itís perfect for recovering from the previous nightís excesses as the morning sun streams up Curlewis street. Perhaps this makes up for the barís early close time of 10pm.

In brief: Speakeasy Bar
Best things: Weekend breakfasts, intimate feel.
Don't miss: An evening of easy wine and food.
Ideal for: catch-ups with friends, dates (but see below)
Date tip: Space at the very front window facing Curlewis Street, corner couch on right as you enter. Due to its small size, probably not the best place to start a make-out session.
Gripes: 10pm closing time, can get a little cramped when busy
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: Speakeasy Bar, Bondi Beach review and address. Speakeasy occupies an intimate space decorated in bordello-styled velvet themes, dark walls and dim lighting