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Sydney CBD
Shirt Bar
7 Sussex Lane, Sydney

Shirt Bar, Sydney CBD

A little while back in Sydney's restaurant history, there used to be a place called MG Garage (the site is now occupied by Toko). Known for fine food, it also featured new cars on the menu: MGs to be precise. In this vein, Shirt Bar is the first in Sydney to offer fine shirts with fine whisky. Apart from coffee, some light food and a few other drinks, there isn't much else on the menu. But what they do have for sale is quality. Good shirts, whisky and coffee. Unfortunately this makes it more of a men's domain, rather then a bar with wider appeal. Despite that, it still feels welcoming with warm masculine colours and finishings.

In brief: Shirt Bar
Best things: Scotch heaven, good shirts (but maybe buy them at a time when the whisky hasn't put you in a relaxed and happy state).
Ideal for: Small groups, unique bar experience, after work drinks later in the week (see Gripes, below)
Date tip: Given the theme and limited choice of drink types, if your date isn't into Scotch or men's shirts, then this would not be a suitable venue. Depending on the night you pick, the early close times may be a problem too. If you're creative and actually looking for a shirt, maybe invite your date along to help you pick the right one. Then bounce to nearby Small Bar
Gripe: Early close (8pm start of week, 10pm Thursday and Friday), not open weekends (except for functions).
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: Shirt Bar, Sydney CBD review and address. Good shirts, whisky and coffee. More a men's domain, rather then a bar with wider appeal.