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Red Lily [CLOSED]
Crown Lane,†Darlinghurst (East Sydney)

Red Lily Cocktail Bar, Darlinghurst

Heading down Crown Lane, you may be excused for thinking that someone imported a laneway bar from Melbourne brick-by-brick. Red Lily Cocktail Bar sits a few metres from Love, Tilly Devine but it looks and feels like a southern import. Itís dark, cosy, stylish and not at all brash or showy. It sits also to the rear of Red Lantern (Riley St) which gives its menu a more Asian flair. Hence the menu is dominated by cocktails such as Monkey Magic, Cyclo or the punned Pham Fatale (with its blend of lychees, ginger, coconut, and kaffir lime vodka is fantastic on a warm night). Prices range from $17-$19, so donít go in expecting a cheap night.

Since it is attached to Red Lantern, the food available is simple but delicious. As a bonus, if you go during a week night, there are often specials that let you grab a cocktail and a snack for about $15.

Note: Red Lily faces on to Crown Lane so donít confuse it with the restaurant Red Lantern on Riley St.

In brief: Red Lily [CLOSED]
Best things: Asian influenced cocktails
Don't miss: The cocktail and bar snack specials during the week
Ideal for: Small groups, dates, catch-up with friends
Date tip: Seats on left of bar with view onto Crown Lane
Gripe: Sometimes Red Lily gets booked out solely for private functions.
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: November 2016
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