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Palmer and Co
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Palmer and Co, Sydney

One thing about the recent surge in small bars is that they tend to favour basement hideaways. Palmer and Co is located in the subterranean level of the former Tank nightclub. Itís been made over as a speakeasy and drawing on the 1920s theme, it can be quite raucous on Friday and Saturday nights.

Grab a drink from one of the small holes in the wall or flag down a waitress. But be prepared for some not-so-1920s prices. There is also the option of food Ė itís simple but not spectacular and shares more in common with the pub-style food of the upstairs Establishment, rather than the finer options of Est. or Sush-e. When it comes down to it, the space is interesting with amazing attention to detail but Palmer & Co really feels like a small bar version of other hotels owned by the Merivale group: itís done well, itís often crowded, a bit pricey but seems to be missing a soul.

To find Palmer and Co, enter Abercrombie Lane off George St, to the right of Establishment. It is a small but brightly lit laneway. Head down to the end and the entrance is on the left (pictured above). Typically there will be some bouncers out front to mark the doorway.

In brief: Palmer and Co
Don't miss: Experiencing a recreated 1920s speakeasy in both decor and raucousness
Best things: The 5am close time. Yes, forget midnight or even 2am. This is the 1920s. Expect to see the sun in summer as you leave.
Ideal for: Small groups
Date tip: On a busy night, this venue is not at all suitable for a date. Quieter week nights are far better
Gripes: Wonderfully presented, but lacking a soul. Occasional overcrowding and noise levels make it nearly impossible to have a conversation
Rating: 8/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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