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Mr Fox
557 Crown Street, Surry Hills

Mr Fox, Surry Hills

The corner of Crown and Cleveland street used to be the place to grab a video and a late night kebab, but you would have had to be brave or desperate to spend an evening there. Slowly it is transforming and Mr Fox is a welcome addition that provides a place to drink which is far more intimate than the nearby pubs. At night, its dark interior and soft lighting are enticing. Music is unobtrusive, so it is possible to relax and talk normally. It can be little noisy as it fills up, but this is rare. The big chairs are comfortable but most of the seating is two or four to a table. Stools at the bar are the most fun and give you a chance to be closer to your drinking companion if it's just two of you.

On the service side, there is normally one or two people offering table service. If the place is unexpectedly busy on a week night, it may take a little longer to be served. Go straight to the bar instead. Otherwise pick a spot - the tables closest to the street are great on a warm evening.

Despite its location at the far end of Crown Street and neo-grunge look, the wines at Mr Fox are on the pricier side. Most wines by-the-glass are $10-$13 or close to it but at least the list is the right length: long enough to give you choice but not so long that it takes an eternity to digest. If in doubt, ask behind the bar. A long list of bottled beers are available (typically $8-9, or $7 for Pure Blonde) and are a couple of pages of listing cocktails (ranging $16-$18).

In brief: Mr Fox
In brief: Mr Fox
Best things: Quiet and intimate bar where you can talk.
Ideal for: Small groups, catch-ups with friends. dates
Date tip: Back corner couch down on the far right from the entrance. Don’t sit in the left corner (see Gripes below). The bar stools provide a way to sit closer.
Gripes: Some seating down the back corner it too close to the men’s toilet and its odours.
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: Mr Fox, Surry Hills review and address. At night, its dark interior and soft lighting are enticing. Music is at an unobtrusive level,