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Mr Falcon's
92 Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Mr Falcon's, Glebe

Glebe has always been a suburb with a more relaxed student/boho feel to it. And nothing typifies that more than Mr Falcon's. Walk in a Sunday night and don't be surprised to find a burlesque show upstairs. Try a Wednesday and maybe a string trio of guitars and double-bass will be greeting you. During colder months the whole place smells warm as aromas of mulled apple cider fill the air (non-alcohol version: $4.5, recommended with a shot of spiced rum or apple vodka, $12).

The small bar sprawls over two floors with multiple rooms on both. There is even an outdoor area out past the unisex toilets. This student house feel creates a lot of private spaces where you can hang out with friends, but it can be a little awkward sitting in a small room with just 6 over-sized armchairs all facing each other. It's great if you can fill the space with friends but it feels odd when then is only a couple in there. For more sociable types, there is plenty of room at the downstairs bar area or rear courtyard, but even this can be a little tight as the bar counter is quiet small, yet people are often perched on bar stools in front of it. Adding to this is the fact bar sits near the main thoroughfare which can create a bit of bumping even on quieter nights. The solution is to find a space you like and send someone for the drinks, but it could be improved.
On the drinks side, things are not too complicated. The usual suspects are here: around six red and white wines by the glass ($8-$12) with most cocktails at a reasonable $16. Meat and salami plates are available but if you ask nicely, the owners may allow you to order in some food.

In brief: Mr Falcon's
Best things: An unpretentious and welcoming bar.
Ideal for: after work/uni catch-ups, dates.
Don't miss: Mulled cider (with spiced rum). Date tip: Far right corners as you come through the main entrance. There is a love seat/chaise under the stair case if you don't mind people gawking at you or the closed space
Gripes: The bar area could be better organised for people wanting to buy a drink and sit elsewhere.
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: Mr Falcon's, Glebe review and address. Typifying the student house/boho feel of Glebe, here's the place to feel welcome and experience a different side of Sydney.