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Miss Peaches
201 Missenden Road, Newtown

Miss Peaches, Newtown

Miss Peaches Soul Food Kitchen is a relaxed yet polished Deep South themed bar, a perfect place to kick back, catch up with friends and satisfy all your food and drink cravings. The venue gets into theme right away, announcing its entrance behind the Marlborough Hotel with a fantastic retro-neon sign. The bar itself is a fair sight classier than this sign suggests, with high ceilings and a great sense of space, but still sticks soundly to its soul theme with bare-brick walls, a long bar and exposed rafters.

Though a large space, the bar avoids feeling empty or unwelcoming. There’s a good mix of seating to suit any group, from larger bar tables to comfy armchairs. The venue’s highlight is its wide balcony, overlooking Missenden Road and with views of King Street offering great people watching opportunities.

Miss Peaches’ claim to fame is its soul food, and its menu caters to the cautious and the adventurous alike - spice coated shrimp and popcorn ($9), anyone? Chef Ernie Priestly maintains a rotating specials menu to showcase meals that might not appeal to the average Australian’s tastes. Surprisingly for Deep South cuisine, the Miss Peaches menu offers a generous selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free meals. The drinks on offer are in keeping with this theme, with drinks like the Atlanta Fanta (Jack Daniels, lemon juice, Fanta, $15), home made sodas ($5) and a selection of American beers ($8-9). For the traditionalists among our readers, the bar also offers a reasonable wine list (most around $9 a glass) and standard spirits. As the night wears on, Miss Peaches has a small dance floor and an emphasis on soul music. They those who might not be so sure of their moves, dance classes are on offer Wednesdays and Thursdays for under twenty dollars – so bone up on your blues and rock moves, ready to hit the dance floor Friday night.

In brief: Miss Peaches
Best things: The large balcony overlooking Missenden Road and King St and the variety of vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free foods.
Ideal for: Catch ups between friends, whether one-on-one or in larger groups.
Don't miss: The Miss Peaches homemade sodas and Rock ‘n Roll dance classes Wednesday and Thursday. Date tip: Earlier in the week the bar isn't busy and it's the perfect place to easily chat and be heard. Plus the dance classes are an interesting conversation point
Gripes: the large and mostly empty space could feel unwelcoming on quieter nights.
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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