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Sydney CBD
Basement, 275 Clarence Street, Sydney

Grandma's Small Bar, Sydney CBD

If you want to show someone the embodiment of the small bar scene in Sydney, Grandma’s Bar would have to be one of your first stops. This hideout makes the most of a awkward subterranean layout, and rather than fight it, the owners have embraced all of its quirks. Granted, a neon-lit concrete staircase descending into a basement rarely leads to great things, but this is one time you won’t have to worry (just be sure you are going down the right stairs).

The area around the bar is the centre of the action where you can lounge on some couches or prop yourself up along the wall. On busy nights, the bar itself is best for ordering your cocktail and retreating to a spot to hang out. There are limited seating options which is good for mingling, but bad if your drinking partners are in high heels. A walk back along the corridor may help you score a seat closer to the street, but don’t despair if the seat are taken. Like a good house party, anywhere in Grandma’s is good to hang out, and it will give you a chance to admire some of the retro gear used to decorate the space.

On the drinks front, cocktails are excellent and delivered with a show but it can sometimes appear to be a little too indulgent. If cocktails aren’t your thing, the brief wine list or Tiger beer served in long necks and paper bags might be more appealing.

In brief: Grandma's
In brief: Grandma’s Bar

Best things: Great vibe, good cocktails, longneck beers in paper bags.
Don't miss: The décor that shows there is a difference between retro and junk
Ideal for: Small groups, dates, catch-ups with friends
Date tip: Tables at very front, or if you are lucky to get the booth, be prepared to share.
Gripe: Staff can be a little cocky at times and the layout is hard to navigate when busy.
Rating: 8/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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