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Golden Age Bar
80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

Golden Age Bar and Cinema, Surry Hills

Of the new small bars in Sydney, few can claim a history that's the pedigree of Golden Age Bar. This small bar boasts a small screening room built in 1940 when cinema owners were shown advanced copies of upcoming films. Movies feature each night (except Mondays), but you donít have to see a film to grab a drink in the art-dťcor bar. Even though the bar is a retro-fit, the cinema is close to the original and the use of wood and long curves in the bar area recreates the 1950s vibe, despite its 2013 vintage.

The main drinks youíll find here are cocktails and wine. Wine is generally sold by the bottle ($50-$70) with over 20 choices: four reds and four whites are available by the glass ($12-$16). For cocktails, there are the classics ($17-$18) and some in-house creations. The one that will probably draw the most attention is the Buttered Popcorn Flip ($18). Made from buttered popcorn infused rum, salted popcorn sugar and egg white, itís a drink that can polarise people. Some will consider it undrinkable but others will find it strangely addictive. If you are in a group, it may be wise to only order one at the start and see which side people fall on. And even if itís not your preferred choice, itís good to see some experimentation on the menu. For sharing, nothing goes past the Frankie and Johnny: vodka, raspberry and rosehip iced tea served in a kettle for $35.

The cosy Golden Age Cinema runs sessions twice an evening except Mondays (check the site for the program details), with films typically start around 6pm and 9pm. Plus there is a Saturday afternoon matinee.

If you are visiting Longrain for dinner, the Golden Age Bar is just across the road from the Commonwealth Street entrance. So drop if you have to wait for a table, or even if you donít. If you are exploring the small bars in the area, be sure to visit Tioís, Play Bar and The Wild Rover (all three are 100-150 metres away).

In brief: Golden Age Bar
Best things: A quiet place to drop in for a cocktail or an interesting film that deviates from the mainstream cineplex offerings.
Don't miss: True nostalgia of a site dating back to the 1940s
Ideal for: Small groups, catch-ups with friends, dates.
Date tip: The entire venue is perfect for a date. Come early and grab a cocktail. Decide later if you want to move onto the movie or each other.
Gripe: Service has a few kinks that need to be smoothed out
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: Golden Age Bar and Cinema, Surry Hills review and address. Of the new small bars in Sydney, few can match the pedigree of this small bar which features a working cinema dating back to the 1940s