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28 Falcon St, Crows Nest

Foxtrot, Crows Nest

There’s a certain banality and predictability about the venues in Crows Nest, but proving it doesn’t have to be that way is Foxtrot. Just two blocks down Falcon Street from the Crowie (Crows Nest Hotel), where the lights dim into suburbia, a small shingle and probably a security guard are the only hints that this small bar is open for business. And what an opening it is: licenced to 3am, you can drop in here on the way home from the city if you’re on your way home, or use it to escape the only other of post-midnight option of the Crowie. But be aware that the bar will shut earlier if the night is quiet (10pm close on Sunday, and it’s not open Mondays).

The layout of the bar divides the place up into four major sections including a warm comforting lounge area. This means there are plenty of options to find your spot and each has a different feel from dimly lit burgundy and wood furnishes through to warmer soft lighting with deeply upholstered chairs.

For food, there are bar snacks and pizzas – both good value but not exceptional. On the drinks side, Foxtrot offers a unique feature: if you intend to visit more frequently and have a favourite tipple, they have a bottle service for spirits where you can buy your own full bottle from the bar and they’ll store the remainder in a locked glass cabinet until your next visit. A truly rare and local-friendly option in Sydney.

If buying by the bottle doesn’t appeal, there are two beers on tap that are rotated on a regular basis (around $8 depending on the beer and size ordered) with more conventional options in bottles (price). The wine-by-the-glass menu has a good range in both taste and price (), but the tasty cocktails can be a little on the expensive side ($19). Given the location and overall laid-back atmosphere of the bar, this pricing feels a lot less welcoming. There are cheaper jam jar options but even at $15 they leave you feeling a bit unsatisfied.

In brief: Foxtrot
Best things: Atmosphere, late close, bottle storage service, great selection of music played at a level that lets you enjoy the company of your friends.
Don't miss: Finding your own spot in one of the many secluded sections
Ideal for: Small groups, dates, catch-ups with friends, after work drinks
Date tip: Lots to choose from here: the balcony area (stairs are to the left of the bar), the lower front entrance area, or the couches out the back – no two-seaters unfortunately.
Gripes: Lower street-side section near the front entrance gets cold on a chilly night or when the wind blows. Tables in front of bar are too close together, meaning it’s a struggle to sit comfortably without jabbing the person at the table behind you. Cocktails could be a little cheaper.
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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