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Bulletin Place
1st Floor, 10-14 Bulletin Place, Sydney

Bulletin Place, Sydney

Small bars tend to appear in back alleys, basements or street fronts. For whatever reason, it will be a hard task to find many located above street level. That makes Bulletin Place unique with it's first floor address and lofty feel, but it's worth the small effort (head up the stairs of the unmarked entrance and through the glass door). The bar launched quietly before Christmas 2012 as most partiers probably staggered past on their way to nearby Circular Quay. The layout is compact and doesn’t have a huge capacity which gives it an intimate, relaxed feel.

While not decked out retro style, you can indulge in some classics without feeling behind the times - mango daiquiri? Why not. And don't think they are just going to pull out some commercial flavour syrup. The stack of fruit is real and the taste is surprising: it's no wonder these drinks were once so popular before pre-mixed versions ruined the experience. But not here. The emphasis is on local fresh product, so to some degree the seasons determine what's on offer. In summer this gave rise to the fig and agave sour, apricot swizzle and passionfruit mojito ($19 each). All three were perfect for the January heat and providing fresh tastes you would struggle to find elsewhere. The downside is that the cocktails aren't cheap but it beats paying the same price elsewhere in the city for flat or syrupy versions.

If cocktails aren't your fancy, wine by the glass is available but expect only three or four choices: the small selection is opened on the night rather than hanging about for days. Likewise a few beers are available. On the food side, some dishes can be ordered in from Tapavino next door, but these are limited to snack types such as almonds and hummus with bread.

In brief: Bulletin Place
Best things: A relaxed hideaway that is not yet over-run with crowds
Don't miss: Rediscovering the joy of drinks with true flavour, including the much maligned daiquiri
Ideal for: Catch-ups with friends, after work drinks, dates
Date tip: Corner seats allow some close proximity to your date while looking out onto the bar area
Gripes: Suits on Fridays tend kill the intimate vibe. Service can be a bit slow when busy.
Rating: 8/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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