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Surry Hills-Darlinghurst
Bitter Phew
Level 1, 137 Oxford Street, Surry Hills

Bitter Phew, Darlinghurst

Occupying the space vacated by Heavy Feather (one of Sydney’s most short-lived bars), Bitter Phew is more like a small pub than a small bar with its emphasis on craft beers. Boutique is the word that comes to mind, but that would make it sound too pretentious. Instead, it is place to grab a beer or whisky while the chaos of Oxford Street passes by below.

Finding Bitter Phew: from the corner of Crown Street, walk towards Taylor Square and stop at the set of lights about 50 metres up (and past fellow small bar, Ching-a-lings). Face Alice's to find the door on the right. Head up the stairs.

In brief: Bitter Phew
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Last updated: August 2017
You are here: Bitter Phew, Darlinghurst review and address. With its emphasis on craft beers, it's more like a small pub than a small bar.