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Bar Racuda
105 Enmore Road, Enmore

Bar Racuda, Enmore

As you move along Enmore Road away from Newtown, it seems things rarely change. Old places are still boarded up, while takeaway outlets are almost institutions. The brightly lit Enmore Theatre stands out in a fairly dark strip and local pubs are scattered every block or so. In the past, you might have headed down to King St to find something a little different to escape the grunge, but then Bar Racuda opened. Sitting directly opposite the Enmore Theatre, it is probably the first venue in a long time to offer something different without seeming at odds with this part of the world. Itís certainly small and intimate without feeling like you are on top of everybody else. If you have a small group, then the room out back is a private spot to grab. However, from this room you donít get to look out onto Enmore road though the massive front windows. Itís an odd switch. Usually bars tend to be bright spots facing onto dark roads. But here, when the Enmore Theatre is open, light streams in, making you feel like you are watching from the shadows.

The drinks here are neither too courageous or disappointing but be prepared for a sugar rush. The cocktails are sweet and sometimes it is simply far too much. Be sure to ask whatís in your drink before ordering it and ask for adjustments to your tastes (but they are only around $15, which is at the cheaper end compared to other small bars in Sydney). If the idea of having to walk three or four metres to the bar is simply too much, then there is table service too. Like most small bars, the staff are chatty and friendly.

In brief: Bar Racuda
Best things: big open window overlooking Enmore road and the Enmore Theatre
Don't miss: sitting outside on a warm evening (also see Gripes, below)
Ideal for: catch-ups with friends, dates
Date tip: the table near the wall on the left as you walk in, or left side of the bar
Gripes: a lack of air-con inside can make it quite stuffy and hot, even when seated and having a cool drink. Cocktails are frequently too sweet.
Rating: 7/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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