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The Anchor Bar
8 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

The Anchor Bar, Bondi

Perched under Noah’s Backpackers and looking over South Bondi, Anchor Bar’s dark interior is easy to spot on the way down the beach. It has four major themes: tequila, wine, food and wood. Admire the wood interior as you decide whether to destroy your brain cells with love (see the extensive wine list) or a gently wrapped hammer (tequila). The tequila choices come in all shapes and sizes, including cocktails but other spirits are available. Typically you’ll be looking at $16-18 each time but slow service during busy periods may mean you won’t be spending as much as you’d feared.

The food is adventurous and dominated by seafood, but the oysters at $4 a shot and beef fillet at $35 are a bit too pricey for the venue. Not to mention the grilled corn on the cob with parmesan, lime and mayo at $14.

Despite the neighbouring backpackers hostel, the bar has a definite Sydney vibe, albeit a little pretentious at times, with just a dash of outsiders to round things out. Get there by 8:00pm or risk being shuffled off to the corner.

In brief: The Anchor Bar
Best things: Open beach-side feel
Don't miss: View over Bondi at sunset
Ideal for: small groups, catch-ups with friends, dates
Date tip: Space at the very front window as you enter and high tables behind it. Don’t sit on the far right, or in the second room around to the left as it is too cramped for a date and gets a bit noisy.
Gripes: Service is a bit patchy
Rating: 6/10

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Last updated: August 2017
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